During 2018 we chose to join the national fight against fracking and gas. Our campaign focused on educating, engaging and taking action. The main focus of our campaign was the #DoYouEvenCareClaire campaign which called out Claire Perry MP – the UK Minister for Energy and Clean Growth at the time – on her promotion of fracking as a sustainable alternative to other fossil fuels.


After we were denied a meeting with Claire Perry due to her ‘busy schedule’, we collected the names of over 500 individuals and signed each name on a letter to Claire. They were then hand delivered to Claire in April 2019 following a Silent Protest outside Parliament to highlight the governments refusal to listen to youth voices on the issue of fracking. 

In June 2018, we visited the Preston New Road fracking site and joined forces with local activists blocking Cuadrilla’s vehicles from entering the site. Alongside the COP Working Group, they brought an anti-fracking action to the Intersessional UN Climate Change Talks in May 2018 as part of the international campaign: Break the Fracking Cycle – two weeks of action targeting the fracking supply chain.  


The main activities they carry out at these negotiations are: 

  • Working within YOUNGO (the youth constituency) working groups to collaborate with global youth on climate justice issues. 

  • Working within the Demand Climate Justice (NGO consistency) to collaborate on climate justice campaigns with global allies. 

  • Working within Climate Action Network (NGO consistency) to collaborate on policy positions and campaigns with European allies. 

  • Hosting official UNFCCC side events that are open to the public and address various under-discussed topics. 

  • Running informal workshops to engage with young people at the conference, and encourage skill-sharing across networks. 

  • Organising actions inside and outside the conference space to draw attention to important issues, and draw attention to the real issues at play when discussing climate change. 

  • Following policy negotiations which help us better understand the progress (or lack of progress) that is being made on the Paris Agreement or other legislation under the UNFCCC. 

  • Writing blogs to share our experiences at the negotiations, and to help explain what these events are like. 

  • Broadcasting updates on social media to try and bring the negotiations back home.

While this specific campaign finished in 2019, UKYCC have continued to campaign against the UK's love affair with gas, and many of our members joined the Reclaim the Power direct action camp which looked to target Drax - who want to build the UK's largest gas power plant. 

Check out these other groups who campaign against fracking & gas in the UK: 

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