In the era of climate crisis, we cannot overstate the importance of environmentally conscious youth using their vote to elect MPs supporting more ambitious climate action. Youth currently leading many facets of environmental activism have the power to shift the narrative around the election to one of climate change. 


This election will decide who is in charge of the government, in theory, until May 2024. This is 4 years into the climate decade, where the most significant decarbonisation is required if we wish to meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement and limit global warming as much as possible. Young climate minded voters will be key to delivering this. 


We have created a resource pack, posters and sample social media graphics to give ideas and resources to those registering young people. Download below:


NB These are .zip files. If downloaded on mobile you need an app able to unzip them. 


Alongside school-strike organisers UKSCN and campaigning organisation Possible, we are calling on the leaders of the UK’s political parties to agree to a televised climate and nature debate ahead of the general election on 12th December.​


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