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Our MISSION is to mobilise and empower young people to take positive action for global climate justice. We believe that climate change is imminent, man-made, and will exacerbate the already damaging structures of oppression that exist in our society. We therefore strive to not only tackle climate change at its core, but to challenge the roots of social and climate injustice, creating a better world for all. 

We are a group of 18-29 year olds who volunteer and collaborate to work towards creating our VISION of a just, sustainable world in which current and future generations enjoy and protect a healthy environment.

Everything we do is guided by our VALUES which are amplifying youth voices, systemic change, non-violence, transparency, anti-oppression, inclusivity, diversity and independence. 


This year UKYCC turned 15! We celebrated this milestone with PowerShift - a gathering of young people from across the UK to celebrate just how far the UK youth climate movement has come and to look towards the future. 

Find out more about what UKYCC has been up to over the past 15 years below.

Read our 10 year and 5 year reports for more about our early years.

We are volunteer run, consensus driven, non-hierarchy and non-profit in our nature, that means that each member has an equal part to play in the functioning of UKYCC. We are structured into several working groups, and our members can be part of as many or as few working groups as they would like. To ensure that these working groups don't disintegrate into dust, each working group has a coordinator that lasts for a maximum of one year. They have no decision-making power over the team, instead we work together through weekly Skype calls and four annual UKYCC wide weekends to shape our futures. 

We are currently running several campaigns, with different local, national and international focuses. UKYCC is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore we often have some pop-up working groups on the go for certain campaigns or events.



UKYCC have a code of conduct ​for each of our members to sign onto. The aim of this tool is to ensure that our members all act within the mission, vision and values agreed upon by the group.


We hold each other accountable to these values, and use them to foster a safe environment. In this way we build a positive, transparent framework for pursuing climate justice, which benefits not only UKYCC members but the climate movement as a whole.

Included in our code of conduct are provisions on:

  1. transparency,

  2. caring for the community,

  3. interaction with the law,

  4. avoiding conflicts of interest,

  5. caring for UKYCC,

  6. intersectionality, and

  7. bullying and harassment




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