Roll up, roll up the youth have arrived, and we are taking the planet by storm. ​Thanks to the wonderful Greta Thunburg, youth voices are taking center stage in the fight against climate injustice and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

But the fight is not over, and Greta is not the only young person who cares about the future of our Earth, so here at UKYCC we launched our YOUTH VOICES platform to try and gather youth perspectives on climate change from across the globe. 


Are you young with a story to share? Send answers to the question "What does climate justice mean to you?" along with your name, age, location and a photo of you to hello(at) 

Natalie, 23, Colombia

Suliman, 25, Afghanistan

Kiconco, 30, Uganda

Danielle, 18,

United States

Santosh, 29,


Tanaka, 20,


Liza, 23,


Zebedy, 23, Papua New Guinea

Zablon, 25,


Charlotte, 28,


Liliane, 26,


Emmanuel, 24,


Justina, 30, Nigeria

Ijabla, 24,


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