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It's Just Economics

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Does capitalism feel overwhelming and all encompassing? How do we begin to imagine a different future and what would that look like? How can we take practical action to begin to make alternative economic futures a reality? UKYCC's It's Just Economics workshops will get you thinking differently about our economic future

We know that economic theory can be overwhelming and intentionally difficult to understand. We believe that a new economic future should be for everyone to imagine and create and in no way exclusionary. Through fun, informative and accessible sessions, we will explore what an economic future that works for people and planet could look like and how we come together as a community to take the steps to transform the current system. 

Camden Experiment

We are running our first round of It's Just Economics this March in Camden. The Camden experiment will consist of three workshops, each with a specific focus: LEARN, IMAGINE, ACT. 

Our Camden workshops will be held at Kairos, 84 Tottenham Court Road W1T 4TG. 


2nd March

12-3.30pm: LEARN

Our first session will be all about learning. We’ll delve into alternative economic theories and hear from experts in the field. This session will build the foundations for our journey to a different economic future.


6th March

7-9pm: IMAGINE

What does it look like to imagine a world beyond growth? In this session we’ll be using our imagination to think about what collective visions of alternative economic futures might look like.


13th March

7-9pm: ACT

Our third session will focus on translating all we have learnt into action. We will hear from local climate campaigners and get brainstorming practical projects to bring our visions of alternative economics to life.

Want to join in?  If you are aged between 18 and 29, you are warmly invited to join us. You can sign up here: or using the button at the top of the page. No prior knowledge of any economic theory is required.  

Session 1: Learn

Check out our confirmed speakers for our first session on Saturday 2nd March! 

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‌Guppi Bola

‌Guppi Bola (she/her) is a senior consultant strategist with over fifteen years experience in economics, health and climate issues. Her academic background is in public health, which she uses to focus her strategic thinking on the root causes of social inequality and ill health. She is author of Reimagining Public Health, a follow up to her stint as Interim Director of Medact. She has been the Chair of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants since 2019-2022.

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‌Nonhlanhla Makuyana

‌Nonhlanhla Makuyana (they/them) (Noni) is a multidisciplinary artist, organiser and educator. Their work focuses on the research and archiving of economic liberatory practices that exist within Black queer communities, seeking to shift power and resources towards these communities. You can read more about their research on gal-dem and Africans in the Diaspora. Heavily inspired by the Black Feminist tradition, they design and deliver experiential workshops to explore the felt and lived legacies of the enslavement of Black people.

‌Chloe is the Senior Communications Officer at Positive Money, a not-for-profit set up in the aftermath of the financial crash to campaign for a money and banking system which supports a fair, democratic and sustainable economy. There she has worked on projects looking at the huge influence banks have over our democracy, and how our broken financial system has slowed the green transition and made housing unaffordable. She previously worked at Global Witness trying to stop the flow of money to tropical deforestation. She has an MA in Corruption and Governance from the University of Sussex.

Chloe Musto

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‌Angela Barca is a Policy Engagement Officer at the Women’s Budget Group, where she brings together established academics and early career feminist economists to influence policymaking in the UK. She is passionate about shifting mainstream narratives and promoting policies that help build a gender equal society, and an economy that addresses the needs of everybody. She has an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from LSE and has worked across multiple countries developing Social Protection programmes for various UN bodies. She also has experience in the homelessness and healthcare NGO sectors.

Angela Barca

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‌Julian joined CLES in January 2024, bringing over 12 years’ experience working internationally on the economics of sustainable inclusive development. He has advised the governments of the UK and a range of other countries, international organizations, donors, social businesses and NGOs. Julian holds a PhD in Economics from SOAS (University of London).

Julian Boys


‌Tom is the Sustainability Lead at SUMS Consulting, where he leads work in sustainability, external engagement and impact in the universities and higher education sector. He has helped numerous universities develop organisation-wide strategies, robust plans and approaches for transformation, integrating sustainability and societal impact goals with their strategic context. He is passionate about a sustainable future, and leads the London Doughnut Economics Coalition’s research group, which is currently working on an updated version of the London City Portrait.

Tom Owen-Smith

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‌Luis is an ecological economist at the Autonomous University of Barcelona currently doing a research project around biodiversity offsets in Plymouth, UK. Recently, he helped to translate the book "The School of Ecological Economics and Political Ecology of Barcelona - A Companion in Honor of Joan Martínez-Alier" into Spanish as well as drafted a study program on the Barcelona School of Ecological Economics. Previously, he was in charge of delivering the carbon footprinting and climate risk reports for large pension funds at a London based investment consultancy.

Luis Alberto

Session 3: Action

Check out some of our confirmed speakers for our final session on Wednesday 13th March! 

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‌Rosie is a campaigner with Fossil Free London. Fossil Free London exists to challenge the social licence of fossil fuel corporations and the banks that fund them by protesting and disrupting them to push for a fossil free city.  It uses direct action, creative stunts, disruption and protest to tarnish the image of the industry and attack its social licence. Join us! Come along to a welcome talk.


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Paddy works for Rethinking Economics England and Wales, supporting student campaigns for economics education that serves people and the planet. Currently, he is working with student groups to campaign for Doughnut Economics to be taught at their Universities. He has been involved with the Rethinking Economics movement and student campaigning, since 2019 when he studied at the University of Manchester. 

Paddy Nelson

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‌Zak is a Campaign Manager at Students Organising for Sustainability UK. He runs Invest for Change, a campaign that aims to transform university investment policy and practice in line with climate and social justice. Previously he worked as Undergraduate President of the Cambridge Students’ Union, where he campaigned on a range of climate justice issues, including helping to set up the fossil free research campaign.

Zak Coleman

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