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UKYCC in Liverpool!

In March 2022, we headed to Liverpool for a team weekend. This was our first in person organising weekend since the start of the pandemic and was a great chance to catch up with everyone as well as work on our organisation wide strategy post COP26.

We spent the days having workshops and trainings as well as wellbeing and social sessions. A massive thank you to the community café which hosted us for the weekend - The Croissant of Inequality! (If you're ever in Liverpool go pay them a visit


In November 2021 UKYCC headed to Glasgow for COP26! We campaigned for Climate Justice at the 26th UN Climate Negotiations - find out about our work at COP26 by going to our designated page.

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UKYCC Organising Weekend

In February 2020 UKYCC headed to Glasgow to snoop around in advance of COP26! We had a massive strategy session to plan our activities in the run up to the COP.

UKYCC Organising Weekend

In October 2019 UKYCC met in Manchester for another team weekend. This weekend we focused on plans ahead of COP26, finding our niche within the climate movement, our collaborations with other groups and received a special skillshare on Renewable Energies in the UK. 

Global Strike 4 Climate

On October 27th, UKYCC joined millions of people across the world in the global strike for climate. 

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UKYCC Organising Weekend

In August 2019 UKYCC met in London for a weekend of introductions as we finally got the chance to meet our 2019 newbies. This weekend focused on getting to know one another, providing an introduction to UKYCC and crucially, putting

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Intersessional Negotiations

The COP working group headed to Bonn, Germany for the UNFCCC intersessional negotiations (the small negotiations in between the big COP meetings each year). 

We worked tirelessly on pushing for Loss & Damage provisions, a Conflicts of Interest policy and we helped organise the Fridays for Future protest outside the event space. 

Frack This: The Silent Protest

On the 12th of April UKYCC took to the Houses of Parliament to demonstrate their outrage at Claire Perry's refusal to speak with young people. Frack This, the silent protest was a demonstration of youth voices being silenced in the fight to protect our future. 

We were done talking, and it was time the government started listening. 

UKYCC Organising Weekend

On April 11th-12th UKYCC met in London to strategise the coming year, iron out our wrinkles and take some necessary time to address wellbeing & burnout. Volunteering on a challenge as big as climate change can be exhausting, and having a supportive team behind you is paramount to sustainable activism. Taking this time was so important for us to maintain a supportive and safe environment. 

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On April 12th the third UK Youth Strike for Climate took place, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Young people showed up in their thousands and took to the streets demanding a Green New Deal for the UK, and a place at the decision making table. With the arrival of Greta to the UK too, these strikes saw meetings with MPs and other key figures. 

Global Strike 4 Climate

On the 15th of March UKYCC joined youth all across the world in the first GLOBAL Youth Strike 4 Climate and Fridays for Future. The solidarity across the world was incredible and the tribe of Greta rose like the seas! 

We were so honoured to be part of this incredible movement and spent most of the day crying, dancing, singing and fighting for our futures!

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