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In August 2018 Greta Thurnberg started the #Fridays4Future movement in Sweden. She sat outside the Swedish Parliament protesting that politicians weren't doing enough to tackle climate change. Her courage and sense of urgency inspired thousands of children across the world, and the Youth Strikes 4 Climate were born! 

In the UK, the Student Climate Network formed to try and replicate the school strike model here at home. They reached out to us here at UKYCC to ask if we could offer them some support, and of course we said YES.  


On the 15th of February 2019, the first UK wide Youth Strike 4 Climate took to the streets and the results were incredible. Over 10,000 students from London to Swansea, from Stoke to Edinburgh protested in support of political action on climate change. 

Since then, youth in the UK have been striking monthly to urge the government to ACT NOW!


On the 15th of March 2019, the first GLOBAL Youth Strike 4 Climate took place. Young people led the charge all across the world and showed up in their millions! The UK had 50,000 strikers all across our little island - the power of young people was infectious and we are so inspired by the voices of our generation! 

The most recent Youth Strike 4 Climate took place on the 5th of November 2021 in Glasgow during COP26 - the UN Climate Negotiations.


The next UK wide Youth Strike 4 Climate is Friday 5th November:


To find out where the strikes will take place, keep checking for facebook events.

To start your own local strike, please register the event on the official website. 

To better understand the demands of the strike check out the students demands. 


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