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The Case

Climate change is the apex of all crimes.

What on Earth Is Happening?

UKYCC, partnered with Students for Climate Solutions Aotearoa New Zealand,  are requesting the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor to investigate the senior executives of BP for Crimes Against Humanity for knowingly causing and perpetuating climate change. 

We are also asking the prosecutor to consider whether BP's senior executives should pay reparations to the victims of anthropogenic climate change. 

Find below on the webpage the submission and summaries. 

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The Super Summary:The Really Short Story

Climate change is the apex of all crimes. Senior executives of British Petroleum are central to the origin story of the climate crisis. The evidence cited demonstrates that BP's senior executives have known for decades that their contributions to the common purpose of maximising petroleum profits would lead to the infliction of great suffering globally through climate change, on a widespread and systematic scale.

The submission argues and demonstrates that climate change is a crime against humanity and that senior executives of British Petroleum plc (BP) committed it. They have done so through spreading doubt in climate change science, entrenching dependency on their fossil fuel products, causing delay to climate action, creating deception on the true solutions to climate change and ensuring dominance in the geopolitical space.

The Summary

The Short Story

The Submission

The Long Story

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