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The Community Working group’s aim is to engage local communities in the action against the climate emergency. The group’s projects span from the analysis of MPs’ voting record on climate change issues, to delivering workshops to young people to educate and equip them with the skills needed to achieve Climate Justice.


Green MPs: creation of an online and easily accessible database where it is easy to see how MPs have voted on key climate issues since 2008 allowing voters to hold their MP accountable.-       


School Workshops: We've developed a workshop all about Climate Justice to take into schools. We want Climate Justice to be at the centre of how we educate future generations - something the national curriculum simply doesn't reflect - so we're taking matters into our own hands. 

Our workshop covers what exactly Climate Justice means, how to cope with feelings of eco-anxiety and how to take action!

You can find out more and enquire about booking a workshop over at our designated page.

Local Conferences of Youth: Each year since 2019 we've organised a local conference of youth here in the UK to feed into the UN climate negotiations which take place internationally each year. We bring together young people from across the UK for workshops and talks and offer them the chance to have their voice heard and incorporated into a message to the negotiators at COP.

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