Due to COVID19 this festival is TBC




Now you deserve a time to relax, connect and learn in a safe warm environment


The Age Of Youth Festival aims to empower 


  1. Escape: a temporary retreat from everyday life for youth providing an alternative to everyday life surrounded by joy ful nature, friendly people and fun. 


  1. Wellbeing: the Age Of Youth Festival aims to offer some solutions to dealing with eco-anxiety and other climate related emotions. Providing workshops by trained and experienced climate therapists, offering opportunities for group discussions and facilitating safe spaces. This will equip and empower individuals, with knowledge and tools to tackle the root causes of today’s crises.


  1. Resilience: Age Of Youth Festival hopes to provide opportunities for long lasting and important connections to be made between people. Through play, socialising and communicating, meaningful connections will be made which allow supportive networks to be established. When we come together, we realise we are not alone. Via these supportive networks we can work together for a collaborative, more resilient society. 


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