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Credible Climate Leaders or Climate action blockers? Examining the role of the fossil fuel industry.

Time and Date

Sun, 10 Dec 2023, 13:15-14:45


SE Room 5 (125 pax)

UKYCC's Side Event at COP28

This event will explore how the fossil fuel industry is blocking climate action. Speakers will share perspectives from communities impacted by fossil fuel extraction, as well as expose how the industry is delaying the energy transition across the world and at the UNFCCC. 


This event will explore how we achieve a fossil fuel phase-out & a just transition, and the role the fossil fuel industry plays in this.


A constructive discourse will be had as to how the climate movement & parties can respond to ensure accountability, integrity & urgency in climate action


The event will include the Africa Network for Environment and Economic JusticeWaterkeeper AllianceWaterkeepers Bahamas, Bargny Coast Waterkeeper, Environmental Defence Canada, and ourselves, the United Kingdom Youth Climate Coalition.


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