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Global Voices in Glasgow

As part of our demands for climate justice, we emphasize the need to improve the representation of voices from the Global South. 


This is why UKYCC's COP Working Group supported individuals and groups from around the world in gaining accreditation to COP 26. 


In total, we helped 12 individuals, from across 4 groups gain access to an exclusive space. Meet some of them below:

100042002_682651012574569_1455236796223622348_n - Ahmad Bassam_edited.jpg

Ahmad Bassam

COY16 Policy team

I am from: Amman,Jordan

What I will be fighting for at COP26: I will be highlighting the global youth statement policy document and the demands that were sent by youth from all over the globe. On the 5th of November, I will be at the opening event of the youth day to speak about some aspects of the statement alongside the policy team from COY16.

You can reach me via: Twitter: @ahmadbassam_h

JA Estela (70) - Jefferson Estela_edited.jpg

Jefferson Estela

Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines

I am from: Antipolo City, Philippines

What I will be fighting for at COP26: Stop the delay, denial, and blocking of progress – act now on loss and damage!

You can reach me via:  

Perfil Mathaus - mathausranie.jpeg

Mathaus Torres


I am from: São Paulo, Brazil.
What I will be fighting at COP26: As the COP has been considered one of the most important moments of the last years in relation to what countries will commit to do in order to mitigate the climate emergency we are facing, my main fight will be the inclusion of the youth of the world in the decision making about our future, considering necessary the participation of young people who suffer the most from climate change, such as native and indigenous populations of the countries and the effectiveness of their demands in domestic policies.
You can reach me via:

IMG_8132 - Frances Andrade_edited.jpg

Frances Andrade


I am from: Sergipe, Brasil

What I will be fighting at COP26: I am fighting for the current generation and for all species that have not had a chance to change the system before and have not chosen to live in a climate crisis, as well as for the right to exist for future generations and for the future of humanity that is already doomed to failure if it continues with the same system and the same excuses and outdated solutions to stop the climate crisis.

You can reach me via:

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