If you are enthusiastic about building a strong, broad, intersectional youth climate movement to fight for climate justice, then we are looking for YOU!

We've extended the application deadline!

Applications are now open until midnight on 8th April 2022



Find out more about us, our campaigns and why you might want to join us.



See what we're looking for in our applicants, and find out how the application process works.



Fill in our application form and equality and diversity monitoring form no later than midnight on 8th April 2022

We strongly encourage applications from people of colour, LGBTQIA+ candidates, individuals from marginalised genders, disabled people and people of faith although ALL applications will be considered on their own merit. We are committed to breaking down all barriers to participation in the UK movement for Climate Justice and we do all we can to welcome everyone to engage fully, particularly people who are disabled or on a low income.

Are you?

A young person aged between 18 and 29 who:

  • Is motivated and enthusiastic about affecting change and achieving climate justice;

  • Understands the importance of getting youth voices heard;

  • Is willing to learn about consensus-based decision making;

  • Can work independently as well as part of a team;

  • Is comfortable and respectful when working in a diverse setting aimed at fighting structural oppressions;

  • Has 3-5 hours to volunteer with UKYCC each week;

  • Has good access to Internet, both for Zoom calls and checking your emails/Slack regularly;

  • Can commit to weekly Zoom calls with your team;

  • Can stay with us for at least 1 year.

Over 18 and want to become a trustee instead? 

When you join UKYCC you’ll be joining one of our great teams:


  • The Communications Working Group - is the voice of UKYCC and creatively projects our message of climate justice using social media, blogs, videos, pitching to journalists and of course, TikTok. 


  • The Community Working Group  - organises campaigns and actions around climate and social justice, with the aim of educating and engaging more people with Climate Justice.

  • The COP Working Group - focuses on preparing for our annual attendance at the United Nations Conference of the Parties negotiations alongside working on international climate political processes and networking with international youth. Ensuring a youth voice is strongly represented in these discussions is essential, as these negotiations will help to decide our future.


  • The Systems Change Working Group - challenges the fossil fuel industry and hypocritical governments, whilst nurturing alternative ideas for a more equal, free and regenerative future.

  • The Operations Working Group - keeps UKYCC going day-to-day by leading on fundraising, managing our finances and general organisational concerns. We ensure that UKYCC is running as smoothly as possible. 

When you first join UKYCC, you will only join one working group but please feel free to mention any other working groups you are interested in when you apply - that way we know where in UKYCC you'll be happy if your chosen working group is full.


If you are interested in joining the Operations working group, you can choose another working group to join alongside it as the Operations working group only meets once a month.

Read our recruitment pack to learn more about how UKYCC works and some of our working groups' plans for 2022.

Email our recruitment coordinator Tom at


There are no stupid questions and we can arrange a 1 on 1 chat if preferred!