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Those most impacted by climate change now, and in the future. Those with valuable knowledge and solutions to prevent and adapt to the climate catastrophe. Those who contributed the least but will be affected the most by the climate crisis. And future leaders who will be left to pick up the pieces of a broken planet.

The UNFCCC process needs major improvement.

We've already written to the UK Government to demand the dismantling of barriers to Global South participation, and as a group we are committed to the principles of climate justice. But words, on their own, are insufficient. 

More than ever, civil society needs to make a stand against structural injustices, using whatever power, wealth, and resources they can muster to redress these barriers, and to actively campaign for a brighter future with justice at its heart. 



It's time to get air in those lungs! Starting on the 17th of April for one month we will be running, walking, wheeling and cycling, swimming and by the end of it, probably crawling our way to COP26. 


Join us by stacking up the miles and minutes in whatever way you can.*

This is not just good for the soul, but if you set your personal goals high enough it will hopefully encourage family, friends and neighbours to donate! Maybe you can finally push yourself to run that 10k? Or it's time to run up and down the stairs till your legs get wobbly? Or wheel yourself uphill as many times as possible? 

*This challenge hopes to be inclusive to all accessibility needs and requirements which is why we want you to self-determine the way you stack up those miles or clock in those minutes! 



Take to social media to either share your involvement in the challenge and ask for donations (sweaty selfies encouraged), or encourage others to sign up, spread the word and ask for donations in support of the UKYCC team's activities. Don’t forget to tag us on twitter @ukycc, facebook @UKYCC and instagram @_ukycc_ and use the #MissingVoicesChallenge. Suggested posts are below:

I’m taking part in the @ukycc #MissingVoicesChallenge to get underrepresented youth to #COP26. Sponsor my epic challenge here: https://www.ukycc.com/missing-voices-challenge


I’m [walking/wheeling/scooting] [Xkm] to support the @ukycc #MissingVoicesChallenge. Because I believe people who are experiencing climate change should get to tell their story at #COP26. Support me here: https://www.ukycc.com/missing-voices-challenge


I'm supporting the @ukycc #MissingVoicesChallenge because we don’t just want to amplify the voices of Global South youth at #COP26, we want to help them get there themselves. Get involved at: https://www.ukycc.com/missing-voices-challenge


Want to support Global South youth to get to #COP26? Can you complete a sponsored exercise challenge? Get involved in the #MissingVoicesChallenge with @ukycc at: https://www.ukycc.com/missing-voices-challenge


The voices of the Global South have been silenced for far too long in climate politics. Take part on the #MissingVoicesChallenge to help raise money to get youth to #COP26 with @ukycc: https://www.ukycc.com/missing-voices-challenge


Maybe you have had enough of sponsored runs, or you simply don't have the means to participate this way. ​Can you spare some extra cash to help fund the participation of valuable missing voices to COP26? 

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We are fundraising to help bring Global South youth to COP26. The money could go to travel, accommodation, resources and other forms of support but 100% of the money will go to bringing missing voices to the UN climate talks in Glasgow.



You can share this fundraiser or visit the page directly at: ​https://www.gofundme.com/f/funding-youth-participation-at-cop26


Starting on April 17th, our team at UKYCC will be running, walking, cycling, rowing, swimming and moving like crazy to try and rack up miles and minutes worth sponsoring.


Maybe we can hit 1937km, the distance from Paris to Glasgow? Maybe we can get 2392km, the distance from the last COP in Madrid, to the next COP in Glasgow? 


We need you to join us! If you would like to commit to going the distance with us there are two ways to get involved (you can use either tool (but not both), we will add them together to track our total progress). The activity starts on the 17th

(1) If you are happy with your achievements being public, you can join our strava team where you will be able to see all the activities going on to help raise money. 

For those new to Strava please read their privacy settings before joining

to ensure you're comfortable with the route you log for the challenge being public. 

(2) if you aren't comfortable with your adventure being public you can use our google form to log your distances.