At UKYCC our Trustees play an important role as our sounding board: we bounce ideas off of them, call on their experience, and ask their advice. They do not dictate anything that UKYCC does, but they help make things a whole lot better. Without our Trustees we would be a very different organisation indeed. 

Our current trustees include: 


We are seeking to build a new board of 5 people to replace outgoing trustees. The Board of Trustees exists to:


Offer support and guidance to the UKYCC team. Board members are encouraged to build active relationships with members of the Organising Team, as mentors and advisors.


Ensure that UKYCC is working towards its strategic objectives of mobilising, uniting, empowering and inspiring young people to create a  climate just future. The Board of Trustees is designed to take a longer-term view and to have a clearer perception of the overall progress being made, enabling the organisation to be more effective and strategic.


Fill knowledge gaps in the organisation (e.g. legal and fundraising) and help locate advice or expertise.

The Board is not an executive decision-making body. UKYCC is a non-hierarchical group of volunteers. Responsibility for decision-making therefore lies with the Team Coordinators in consultation with the Organising Team. The Board can, however, make recommendations and may ask why decisions have been taken.


Leia Achampong

Leia has vast experience working on climate policy across the EU and the UN specialising in loss & damage, climate finance and climate strategies.

Robbie Gillett

An experienced activist, campaigner, and community organiser. Robbie has worked across many climate & social issues. 

Calum Harvey-Scholes

With years of experience in activism, organising and movement building, Calum as worked on aviation, renewables & local transport.

Ketan Jha

Ketan is an experienced legal & policy expert, with experience in academia, grassroots activism and legal campaigning on climate issues.