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The UKYCC Trustees play an essential role. They are our sounding board, whom we can call on, gain inspiration and knowledge from, and connect us to wider networks. UKYCC Trustees do not dictate our activities but they do keep us well-rounded and our standards high.


Without our Trustees we would be a very different organisation indeed: 


Leia Achampong

With vast experience on climate policy across the EU and UN, Leia specialises in loss & damage, climate finance, and strategies.

Sulaiman Ilyas-Jarrett

Sulaiman has expert knowledge of the UK energy system and experience in grassroots campaigns and UN institutions. He is an especially capable mentor to young people of colour and disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Calum Harvey-Scholes

Calum has years of experience in activism, organising and movement building, and has worked in the renewables sector.

Sophia McNab

Sophia has experience in campaign planning, communications and fundraising. She learned most of this as a UKYCC Organiser between 2012 and 2016! She attended three sessions of the UN Climate Talks as a UKYCC youth delegate and has also worked on campaigns targeting banks, pension funds and corporations. She's now an artist and is interested in the links between art and activism.

Ketan Jha

Ketan is an seasoned policy expert, with experience in grassroots activism, academia, and legal campaigning.

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