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Don't let online climate negotiations compromise transparency!


UK Youth have warned that the pandemic must not be used as an excuse to exclude youth and Global South voices from policy negotiations around the climate crisis.

In light of the Intersessional (SB52) climate talks being moved online, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) have released a set of nine demands to the UK Government, urging them to use their position as host of COP26 to ensure that a move online does not compromise the transparency of policy talks, as well as ridding fossil fuel influence from policy negotiations and ensuring Global South voices are at the forefront of discussions.

After releasing the demands to the UK Government, a UKYCC spokesperson said:

“The pandemic cannot be used as an excuse for weak policy outcomes and exclusionary politics. This is the UK Government’s final chance before COP26 to push for meaningful policy outcomes, informed by climate science and the voices of those who have contributed the least towards the crisis yet are suffering its worst effects."

“Transparency and inclusion are therefore more important than ever. As the host of COP26, the UK Government has a responsibility to push vested interests out and bring those suffering the worst from the climate crisis to the forefront. To do otherwise risks not only the integrity of these talks, but the fate of the planet and all who live on it.”


If you agree that there are too often missing voices from the UN climate talks, join our fundraising challenge:

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